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Inspection Time

Imagine your house, but right-side-in
Say there is luxurious carpet in your basement 

A lone stranger offers service
His posture
And his choreography
Are therapeutic
For buildings 

He visits for real
Your dishwasher gets anxious
And chews all of your plates
This is fine
The lonesome dude walks in
Your threshold is a wonder
There is suddenly
A painful surplus of plates 

He opens your spice drawer
And trades spice
For ice
And the kitchen walls
Do loop-the-loops
The bedside bible copy
Trundles downstairs
The wainscot felt
Is gushing about genealogy
And wishes 

Our friend infiltrator is taller
than your lovable gutters
Your eggshell lifetime
Taller than the peak
Of your somber lamp
That soft hum your chimney
Lets go 

Be this your house, a mania
Of banisters and glazing
Learn this lesson today
On architecture
The veteran comfort of life
Plum shims and the cling
of close quarter intrigue
The guest stands there, exactly
And makes your bed inflate 

Your house responds:
It perches on your shoulder
Tells the neighbors the story of June
Becomes fresh and also sure
Finds the lip of the electric fence
And marries it 

Your house and
And the guy from before
say: Hello
This lovely departure from nowhere
Is nice and our acres are nice
And children will be growing up
And that is too nice 

The time slot he’s allotted
Pretends to end
And there is a blue film
All across the stucco
Both parties part and
your landscaping
clasps your midriff
It sighs a heavy sigh
Your house
Is all at once 

A frame in tatters
A place to embrace
One single clue to
Whose spoon scoops
a dollop
of happiness