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We are not out to create an academic journal or assemble the next great cadre of thoroughly intelligent but unreadable cynics. We want to publish writing that speaks with a public voice. Excellence will ultimately determine our market share, sure - but so will the enjoyment of our readers. So The Midwesterner will publish fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, journalism, screeds (informative), things written well, things written on napkins, things only half-way written that break your heart, fake eulogies. Can we be more specific?

1. We prefer unknown to known authors. If you haven't published anything - great! There are plenty of published authors running around publishing. We're intrigued by finding good writing in unique places.

2. We don't discriminate against the unusual form. If you're a poet, great. If you like making lists of names that could either be Hockey Players in the NHL or James Bond Villains, great. We want writing that is interesting and clear. And we love diversity. Bring your crazy idea to us.

3. If you have some written work that wasn't 'good' enough for some editor that doesn't know a thing about good writing and was a jerk anyway, that's great. Well, not great, but we would be glad to take a look at it. Maybe it's good enough for us. We would be glad to slum it with you.

And if you have writer friends that are looking for a website interested in promoting their creative and interesting writing, send them our way.

We would be honored to read your submission.  

Please send your excellent writing to

(We are not computer experts or as well-versed as you are in odd file formats so please send your work in a non-funky-type attachment)