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The Midwesterner is a literary website cobbled together by people that love to write. Serious storytellers, poets, journalists, and reviewers are working to create a place for good writing to flourish.  

Joe and I began this project with a simple goal in mind:  we want to bring gifted writers and readers together. We hope The Midwesterner becomes a place you associate with well-written and thoughtful work. The poet Ted Kooser recommends caring for the stranger when you write. I think this describes us well. We want the writing we publish to "honor our reader's patience and generosity."  

What you read in The Midwesterner is not necessarily the view of the editorial staff. We love the fact that fiction and creative non-fiction that expresses a contrary perspective can be published here because it is fine writing, not because it appeals to our own prejudices. We want writers to honor readers by writing well, and we want readers to honor writers by reading well. That is all.  

We publish all sorts of fine writing:  reviews, essays, poetry, short-ish stories, lists of grammatical errors written on bathroom stalls, and overwrought diaries that begin with Merriam-Webster's definition of something.  

This service to you is free because we love you. We love that you will not find any distracting banner ads on this website. And we also love Subway's new Five-Dollar Footlong which is only two hundred eighty-nine calories of goodness. We only ask that you share the great gifts of our fine authors with your friends on social media networks and at watercoolers and at awkward family dinners alongside uncomfortable questions about your immediate future. And we ask that you Eat Fresh, everyone.


James Kessler

Joe Haack


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